Corporate training

In today’s fast moving world, driven by technology everything has become competitive. In order to establish your organization in such an atmosphere, it needs a lot of preparation and hard work. Strategic advantage to the organizations comes only from the core competences, which are developed by the individuals working in it. Such levels of excellence can be achieved only by investing in people. Investment must entail the inputs aimed at updating the skills of the employees. Training is one such method to cure the organizations off the sluggishness, which may creep in because of the organizational inertia.

It has turned to be a necessity to impart training to the newly joined employees in order to make them competent for the jobs that they are supposed to handle. We would say that every company must have a systematic training program for the overall growth and development of its employees.


1.Emotional Intelligence
2.Handling unfavorable situation (Harassment, Abuse, Seduce…)
3.Social Competency
4.Effective Sales Training
5.Business Communication
6.Conflict Management
7.Stress Management
8.Attrition Management
9.Time Management
10.Leadership Effectiveness
11.Team Building
12.Workplace Counseling
13.Assertiveness Training
14.Interpersonal Relationship
15.Communication Skills
16.Corporate Etiquette
17.Goal Setting
18.Life Skill Package (Decision Making, Problem solving, Communication, Interpersonal Relationship, Self Esteem, Motivation)
19.Performance Assessment & Counseling
20.4Q for HR

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